Breath Education


Students of Breath Education practice small, subtle movements designed to restore diaphragmatic tonicity, which stimulates air exchange and enhances circulation. Breath Education work is undertaken with the verbal guidance of the teacher.


This work was first developed in Berlin in the early 20th Century by Elsa Gindler, the "grandmother" of modern breath and body work. Gindler's teaching assistant was Carola Speads, who brought the work to New York City in 1940. Susan studied with Carola for over thirty years, teaching the work to singers, dancers, actors, teachers, psychotherapists and their trainees.


Susan's articles Elsa Gindler: Lost Gestalt Ancestor; Breathing Into Contact; Brightening Proprioception through Breathwork and have been translated into French, Spanish, and German and have been published in professional journals worldwide.


Breath Education

• Improves health

• Speeds healing

• Enhances creativity

• Reduces stress

• Lifts mood

• Vivifies creative arts activities