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"Attending one of Susan Gregory's' workshops is like learning to live in grace and harmony with oneself and one's environment. She helps participants learn about breath, voice, sound and vocal impact in the field in a profound and elegant way. Refreshing, renewing and reverberating, one comes away loving life a little more." Edward J. Lynch, Ph.d. Chair, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy University of Southern Connecticut New Haven


"Susan Gregory is a superb and insightful teacher. Her workshops offer not only excellently researched and thought-provoking information, but they also provide an encouraging format for students to exchange ideas and to explore their responses to the subject matter. Working with Susan Gregory is an enriching experience." Lynn Martin Teacher of Principles of Breathing Coordination Adjunct Professor, NYU


"An artist, therapist, and educator, Susan Gregory brings a well informed interdisciplinary expertise to her work. Her classes are a fine blend of experiential and didactic, allowing participants to exercise all aspects of themselves in the learning process."
Ruella Frank, Ph.d. Director Center for Gestalt Somatics


"I have attended several workshop presentations by Susan Gregory and invariably found them to be unique, stimulating and beneficial both personally and professionally. Susan possesses a rare blend of talents, sensibilities, knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend her offerings." Bud Feder, Ph.d. Gestalt therapist and trainer, author


"Outstanding in her candor, her rigor and her downright enthusiasm, Susan is an ideal trainer. She is perceptive to a remarkable degree and communicates her insights thoughtfully and with precision. Highly recommended." Philip Lichtenberg, Ph.d. Professor Emeritus Bryn Mawr School of Social Work


"Together, Susan and I developed processes to look at myself as a total being, informed by my past, my present, and my future goals...I found joy once again in performance and writing.," Michael Lengel, attorney and writer


"My work with Susan Gregory shows me how I relate to my family and the world, and made clearer how I function within my environment. It was a great help to put my biography and CV in the most professional and effective way possible."
Isabelle Leseuer, designer


"I believe that I have acquired confidence and liberation to dance with greater power and joy; and I have become more confident within my relationships."
Frances Rosario-Puleo, dancer, choreographer, health coach


"In thirty years of professional performance, I have never experienced the creative growth and vocal security that I have achieved with Susan Gregory."
Russell Leib, actor


"Susan has helped me understand my own learning style and to work with it without fear or shame. Each week is a joyous exploration of not only music but the creative process itself." Carol Conn, writer


"When I work with Susan, she is so present and so attentive to my singing that I cannot help but learn something each time—about myself, about music, and about life itself." Kathy Geary, singer


"After Susan helped me overcome the loss of desire to sing in the aftermath of 9/11, I was able to use my singing to regain optimism and the joy of life."
Gladys Nussenbaum, psychoanalyst


"Susan's safe, supportive approach reshaped the way I experience myself and my voice." Margo Nash, journalist and teacher


"Susan Gregory is a remarkable teacher. She approaches each singer individually and customizes her style to match the student. She helped me develop a roundness and richness of tone, a more seamless voice, and an approach to musical style that comes from within—things I had been searching for my entire career."
Roberta Feldhusen, singer and educator


"Susan's physical/mental approach to singing has made me more aware of the expansive potential of my body and mind as I strive to achieve richer tone and more natural expression of the poetry that is found in music."
Gladys Nussenbaum, psychoanalyst


"Her diagnostics are always right on the dot and her vocal remedies really work. But what I appreciate most is her open, patient, generous capacity to hear and observe the student." Paule Ollman, translator