Gestalt Therapy


Gestalt Therapy promotes inner strength and flexibility by supporting clients to notice the unique ways they approach their creative processes and their interactions with others. It helps people undo self-interruptions and to develop new strategies for living. Contemporary Gestalt therapy is a respectful, co-creative meeting of client and therapist.


Gestalt therapy was founded in 1950 by Drs. Fritz and Laura Perls, who established the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. Susan was chosen by the membership to be President of the New York Institute from 2007-2009. She has been guest faculty at Gestalt institutes in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. She has offered training workshops in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, and throughout the United States. Future teaching engagements include Esalen, CA, Mexico, Poland.


Who may benefit?

• People in life transitions

• People in the arts

• People seeking to explore personal creativity

• Educators

• Helping professionals


Gestalt Therapy in Theory and Practice


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Gestalt Therapist | life coaching

In Gestalt Therapy we pay attention to what is important to the client in his or her life at the present time. We experiment with ways that persistent questions may become clearer, and solutions may be discovered, through heightening awareness of thoughts, feelings, and somatic experiences. The practical, down-to-earth work of Gestalt therapy is a supportive way of problem solving in contemporary life.


The therapist and client have therapeutic conversations which include attention to their patterns of interacting with one another. This sheds light on the client's styles of communication and contacting outside the therapy hour, providing the possibility for insight and for experimenting with new ways of proceeding in life. Career and relationship issues may be illuminated in the Gestalt therapy process. Or, these issues may be addressed in a more goal-oriented way through engagement in Life Coaching, called Capability Coaching in Susan Gregory's work.


Susan Gregory's published articles and book chapters include A Gestalt Therapist Teaches Singing; Introduction to Gestalt Therapy Theory and Practice; A Gestaltist Visits NPAP; Elsa Gindler: Lost Gestalt Ancestor