Voice Instruction


Susan Gregory teaches singing and performance enhancement in her studio in New York City. She works with singers on all levels, from professionals to beginners. Her students include opera soloists, Broadway singers, cabaret performers, choristers, high school and college performers, and persons from other professions who have a love of singing or who have always wanted to try to sing.


Susan's articles and book chapters on singing and health have been published worldwide. They include The Song is You; "you must sing to be found..."; Singing and Social Identity

Vocal Instruction benefits

• Performing artists

• Public speakers

• Helping professionals

• Teachers

Vocal Instruction helps to

• Extend breath

• Open vocal blocks

• Build confidence

• Produce powerful performances

• Enhance self-expression


In Giardini Naxos, Sicily, singing "Vergin, tutto amor" - 2016

How I teach singing:

I actively hold in mind all the technical vocal development that I'm aware needs to happen and, based upon my understanding of the person I am teaching, I respectfully introduce skills for us to practice in lessons and for the singer to practice at home. In that way, we build ground for the then-introduced next set of skills. Accomplishment thus occurs organically.


Watch short videos of Susan teaching

Susan works with Frances Rosario Puleo >

susan singing


Susan works with Julie Copeland >
Susan works with Julie Copeland

About Susan

Susan Gregory, classical concert singer, was formerly a principal artist with the New York City Opera, a Gold Medal winner at Concorso G.B. Viotti in Italy, and a finalist in the Metropolitan Opera Competition. Before opening her private studio in Manhattan, she was chair of the Voice Department of the Third Street Music School Settlement.


"In thirty years of professional performance, I have never experienced the creative growth and vocal security that I have achieved with Susan Gregory." Russell Leib, actor


"Susan Gregory is a remarkable teacher. She approaches each singer individually and customizes her style to match the student. She helped me develop a roundness and richness of tone, a more seamless voice, and an approach to musical style that comes from within things I had been searching for my entire career." Roberta Jackson, singer


"In studying singing with Susan, I have discovered a new and enjoyable avenue of expression." Frances Rosario, dancer


"With Susan's help, I recommitted to my singing and found joy once again in performance." Michael Lengel, law student and writer


"When I work with Susan, she is so attentive to my singing that I learn something each time about myself, about singing, and, yes, about life itself." Kathy Gear, singer


"I am now able to sing well the music I longed to sing all my life. It feels as if Susan made a miracle." Daryn Kent-Duncan, dance teacher


"Her diagnostics are always right on the dot and her vocal remedies really work. But what I appreciate most is her open, patient, generous capacity to hear and observe the student." Paule Ollman, translator


"Each week is a joyous exploration of music and of the creative process itself." Carol Conn, writer


"Susan's physical/mental approach to singing has made me more aware of the expansive potential of my body and mind as I strive to achieve richer tone and more natural expression of the poetry that is found in music." Gladys Nussenbaum, psychotherapist